Insights: Putting the Bloomage values into action

Putting the Bloomage values into action

Bloomage recently held a workshop as an effort to better embed the core values of IBL Together into the fabric of the company. Twenty-five of our team members attended this one-day programme held at Maison Eureka and facilitated by the CEO, Robin Hardin.

The Bloomage team had the opportunity to reflect on and discuss the meaning of People First, Responsibility, Integrity, Creativity, Excellence and Passion. It was important to get everyone’s view and interpretation to come up with one common definition for each of them. The workshop was also intended to remind all team members that they should live these values at all times and always be guided by them in their decision-making.

“The workshop has been really useful in aligning everyone with the meaning of these values for the company and the way to interpret and use them as the underlying principles of everything we do at work. Besides, it was also a fun day out of the office with good food!” says Jason Young, Project Officer.